Looking after your family is always the big focus, and providing for them can sometimes take priority over seeking work that you enjoy.  

Finding the path to do both was the key for Anntita working towards the life she wanted.  

When Anntita connected with Bamara through the ParentsNext program in March 2021, she had been experiencing some personal struggles that affected her mental health and ability to pursue stable work she was passionate about. Anntita was incredibly dedicated to setting a positive example for her family but couldn’t see how much she had to offer.  

“Anntita was lacking confidence in her ability,” said Stacey, Bamara Support Mentor.  

“The goal was to help her gain confidence, so she would believe in herself and her ability to work.” 

Stacey spent the time with Anntita to find out the areas she would like to grow in. Seeing a desire to boost her technology and work readiness skillsets, they formed a plan to achieve this.  

Bamara enrolled Anntita in several workshops focused on building her work and interview skills. Anntita also completed a laptop course designed to teach participants digital skills they might need in the workplace.  

Anntita was determined to build skills she could take into a job. She completed several courses through the Karen Sheldon training programs, including Food Industry Skills, Customer Service Skills, Espresso Machine Operation, and Food Handling, all of which she had completed by October 2021.  

While completing an impressive list of training, Bamara also provided Anntita with a Laptop so she could finish her resume, and helped her obtain a National Police Check and OCHRE Card to boost her qualifications and look for work using her new skills. 

Throughout this time, Bamara also aimed to address some of the other areas creating barriers for Anntita. Stacey saw an opportunity to guide Anntita and connected her with one of our Allied Health services to receive mental health support.  

The goal was to improve her mindset and well-being and set clear support for her mental health journey. By providing a safe space for Anntita to explore her mental health, she could then focus on strengthening her skills and growing a career.  

Since connecting with Bamara, Anntita has secured a role as a cleaning attendant. This position started as casual, but Anntita was offered a full-time role in only three weeks, an achievement that usually takes three to six months to reach.  

Bamara has supported Anntita’s employment by finding proper workwear and assisting with any queries or help Anntita might need to maintain her new work.   

Since finding a job to work in with the other areas of her life, Anntita has been thriving. In her cleaning role, she has remained immensely dedicated to using her career to create a positive impact on her family’s lives.  

“I am so proud of her achievements and the increase in her self-esteem and confidence,” said Stacey.  

“She is amazing.”  

The Bamara team have seen Anntita make incredible strides towards both career growth and her self-image. Anntita’s journey has led her to a fresh start in her work and family, and Bamara is excited to see where her future will take her.