We walk the journey with you 

Bamara is a First Nations Specialist Provider of Australian Apprenticeship Support Services, a free service which we deliver across New South Wales.

If you’re a First Nations apprentice/trainee or an employer, we will support you to get the most out of an Australian Apprenticeship.

We also offer a holistic model of mentoring and personal support services tailored specifically for First Nations apprentices and their employers, delivered by First Nations mentors.

Our roadmap for your apprenticeship experience

Whether you’re a First Nations apprentice looking to take that first step in your new career, or an employer seeking to better support First Nations apprentices in your business, we’re here to make the process easier.

It’s from that place of deep understanding we help empower you to navigate your unique journey and to reach your goals.

I’m an apprentice

We are dedicated to supporting First Nations apprentices, from the beginning to the end of your apprenticeship.

I’m an employer

We simplify the process of onboarding and supporting First Nations apprentices in your care, ensuring you get the most out of the apprenticeship at every step.

Mentoring and Personal Support

Holistic mentoring support and guidance for First Nations apprentices and employers from our First Nations Mentors for up to 12 months.

What we offer

Our Apprenticeships team includes experienced professionals who provide:

  • Wraparound support services for First Nations apprentices and their employers.
  • Support for employers in understanding their role in supporting their apprentices and help implementing strategies to effectively supervise, train and manage their apprentices.
  • Technical support services for apprentices and employers, which include school and community networking, administrative support, and continual contact throughout the apprenticeship lifecycle.
  • Personal Support and Mentoring which is adaptable and flexible to fit around your work schedule, whether you’re just setting up or dropping tools late in the day.

First Nations Mentors who have your back, every step of the way

We offer a holistic 12 month Mentoring and Personal Support services for First Nations apprentices and their employers, if needed.

Our First Nations Mentors have a proven track record of empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and individuals.

With decades of experience in mentoring First Nations people across Australia, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to making a positive impact.

We’ll be there to have a yarn whenever you need, work through any issues you may have, and celebrate your achievements along the way.

The value of Australian Apprenticeships

Australian Apprenticeships provide hands-on career paths with promising opportunities for new entrants to the industry, enabling them to acquire valuable skills and nationally recognised qualifications that they can further develop.

As you look into the Apprenticeship system, you’ll notice there are providers who assist any apprentices, and providers like Bamara who specialise. This is our strength.

Our goal is to enhance the apprenticeship experience for both First Nations apprentices and their employers, providing better support to help them successfully complete the apprenticeship.

About Australian Apprenticeship Support Services

Bamara is a First Nations Specialist Provider of Australian Apprenticeship Support Services across NSW.

The Australian Government supports Australian Apprenticeships through Australian Apprenticeship Support Services.

It provides support to apprentices and trainees and their employers throughout the apprenticeship, from start to finish, and is a free service.

How to get started

Our Apprenticeships team is ready to help you with any questions you may have. Please fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch with you to discuss your options.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our Customer Service team by calling 1300 012 476.