We’re proud to announce that the Department of Education, Skills and Employment has appointed Bamara to deliver Career Transition Assistance (CTA), expanding our delivery of Australian Government services in New South Wales and Queensland.

Commencing July 1, 2022, Bamara will deliver CTA across the following Employment Regions:

  • Orana
  • Mid North Coast
  • Cairns

The Career Transition Assistance program is an Australian Government initiative designed to help mature-age job seekers aged 45 years and build their confidence and skills for their local labour market.

Bamara Managing Director Andrea Harms said that the appointment was a testament to Bamara’s commitment to positive impact through our support and services.

‘Bamara staff are delighted to be awarded delivery of CTA in three regions. 

“It is a program that resonates with our approach, experience, and values – building on a person’s aspirations, acknowledging and valuing lived experience, mapping out and supporting an individual’s goal of finding their niche in the workforce.”

Education, employment and training have always been fundamental to Bamara’s commitment to helping local communities prosper.

Bamara is committed to making an impact in delivering this powerful program for mature-aged Australians to thrive and succeed in their study and career pathways.