We’re proud to announce that the Department of Education, Skills and Employment has appointed Bamara to deliver Employability Skills Training (EST), expanding our delivery of Australian Government services in the Northern Territory.

Employability Skills Training is an Australian Government initiative that helps people develop the skills and knowledge to be job-ready. Bamara Managing Director Andrea Harms said that the appointment was a testament to Bamara’s commitment to positive impact through our support and services.

“Bamara welcomes the opportunity to build on our successful experiences in transitioning youth and others into the workforce through delivering Employability Skills Training in the Northern Territory,” said Andrea.

“Our connections with the community, local employers and diverse industry areas will enable us to achieve individual aspirations through intense engagement with employers in the design, delivery and workplace experiences that lead to a career path, not just a job for our participants.”

Education, employment and training have always been fundamental to Bamara’s commitment to helping local communities prosper.

With the delivery of services for EST commencing July 1, 2022, Bamara is committed to making an impact in delivering this powerful program for young Australians to thrive and succeed in their study and career pathways.