Today we’re proud to announce that the Department of Education, Skills and Employment has appointed Bamara to deliver the Transition to Work program in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Transition to Work is the Australian Government’s youth-specialist employment service that helps disadvantaged young people develop practical skills to get a job or connect with education or training.

Bamara Managing Director, Andrea Harms, said that the appointment was a testament to Bamara’s commitment to positive impact through our support and services.

“‘As an Indigenous owned organisation, Bamara is committed to producing positive social impact through its programs, and we are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to achieve this with the youth of Alice Springs through the TTW program where we already have a footprint through the ParentsNext program.

“With 36% of our staff in Bamara identifying as Indigenous and our strong community connections, we look forward to the conversations, collaborations and co-design of the initiatives that will provide the transitional support for Aboriginal and other youth to attain their workforce and careers aspirations.

“We know from our youth forums that mental health and well-being, cultural connection and identity are elements that need to feature highly in our approach,” said Andrea.

Education, employment and training have always been fundamental to Bamara’s commitment to helping local communities prosper.

With the delivery of services for the program commencing July 1, 2022, Bamara is committed to making an impact in delivering this powerful program for young Australians to thrive and succeed in their study and career pathways.