Through our NDIS services at Bamara Care, under the guidance of our Support Workers, participants went on a weekend trip to tour the sites of Canberra, enjoying plenty of sightseeing and exciting new experiences.

The main goal of this adventure was to take our participants to an exciting new city to explore sights and entertainment, engaging them through a range of activities around Canberra that they could all join in on.  

This outing took place over four days and three nights. Participants were invited to Canberra and travelled by bus arranged through a local bus company.

Some of the main attractions participants visited throughout the trip included, Questacon, the Canberra lookout, Canberra Zoo and Aquarium. They also enjoyed a huge range of activities, such as glow in the dark mini golf, shopping, swimming, and the gym.

Aimee, Dylan and Jacob from the Bamara Care team accompanied the participants throughout these adventures. Staff supported participants with daily hygiene and food preparation. They assisted participants with joining in on activities on the trip so they could focus on enjoying their time to the fullest.  

“The participants had a great time on the trip. Everyone was excited and said they would love to do it again,” said Aimee, NDIS Administrator. 

Participants all said how much fun they had with their daily activities and sightseeing, with Support Workers commenting on how happy everyone looked over the whole outing.

Through an action-packed schedule, participants encountered some of their favourite interests, and tried out some new ones too. 

“Everyone was smiling and happy throughout the whole trip,” said Aimee.  

“This was largely due to the amazing staff that accompanied them and their skill in working in the disability sector.”  

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the planning and running of this four-day adventure. This visit to Canberra would not have been possible without the preparation from Dannielle, the organiser of the trip.  

A special thank you to support workers Dylan and Jacob for their dedication to supporting our participants and helping the trip run smoothly. 

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