Inspiring Our Youth To Kickstart Careers For Success is a community project brought together by Bamara through its DHUB program, the Dubbo Opportunity Hub.

Filmed on Wiradjuri Country in Dubbo, this short film features local Aboriginal Community members sharing their personal stories and challenges faced in their own journeys to find success in their chosen careers.

This film was produced with a collaborative approach to reassure our youth that it is ok to fail, it is ok to have that roadblock, but it is how we recover from these set- backs that takes us to our goals.

“We see many of our youth with goals they feel they cannot achieve,” said Brooke Mallison, DHUB Coordinator.

“Many of them face barriers but don’t realise they have the support networks in their very own community to help them achieve their goals and dreams” said Brooke.

“Each of our kids have something special to contribute – and the right job for them is where they feel happy and where they are making a difference,” said David Liddiard, Owner and Director of Bamara.

“I’ve spent my life encouraging youth and adults to stay strong, stay inspired and stay on track – be the best that you can be. Bamara’s programs and resources are there to help you achieve that,” said David Liddiard.

Being involved with the community can include young people, families, schools, community groups and non-government services.

Bamara DHUB thanks Western NSW Primary Health Network for the funding opportunity to produce this film, which has allowed us to create a powerful and accessible building block for Aboriginal youth to kickstart and inspire the journey to successful careers.

This film is made possible with support from

Bamara seeks to provide a safe space for youth to share their stories and equip them with the best tools to achieve success. Aboriginal youth are encouraged to speak up about the challenges they are experiencing in achieving their goals.