Our team at DHUB recently appeared on SBS NITV to discuss how they’re adjusting to the challenging times of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. They remain committed to working for participants and families across the Dubbo community.

During the interview, DHUB Coordinator Brooke Mallison and DHUB Schools Team Leader Carolyn Dallinger spoke about how they continue to support our young mob across the Dubbo area, both physically and mentally.

During the lockdown, our team have since transitioned from weekly face-to-face visits in schools to remote servicing by providing a well-being check-in, followed by mentoring and learning opportunities outside the curriculum. 

DHUB participant Jobie, who features in this interview, has been dedicated to our daily, hour-long online sessions during these challenging times.

During this time, we check in to see how he is doing with his schoolwork, provide tips to make the most out of lockdown, and Jobie even turns the tables to teach the DHUB team how to whip up a mean cup of Milo and potato gems; and much more!

Video Credit
Supplied by NITV