Taking full advantage of the school holidays, Our DHUB team conducted an action-packed itinerary of events for kids across our community during the school holiday period.

The first week of the school holidays was fun-filled for our DHUB mentors, including a trip out to PCYC Wellington to host activities for over 20 kids aged 4 to 12. Activities included basketball, dodgeball, Easter hat-making, an Easter egg hunt and art.

With the activities keeping us just as busy as it was for the kids, we finished off the day with paint covering our uniforms, a bag full of Easter eggs and a heap of new friends. We cannot wait to head out to Wellington again for more fun activities in the following school holidays.

Our DHUB mentors and 8 DHUB participants then decided to take things up a notch and tackle the unique Dubbo Escape Room, with a bus also provided to transport participants to the venue for added peace of mind.

The Dubbo Escape Room offers some fantastic experiences to test problem-solving skills and teamwork, so the DHUB team and participants split into two groups and worked together to escape from Aunty Edna’s Flat and Witches Temptation.

Following the escape room, a beautiful lunch awaited us at Lavish Café.

We hope everyone across the community had a memorable school holiday period with as much fun as we’ve had, and we wish you every success on your return to school this term.