Our team at DHUB recently joined in the celebrations for NAIDOC Week 2020 by visiting several schools and engage with staff and students across the Dubbo area.

NAIDOC celebrations are held around Australia each year to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and celebrated by all Australians to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We look forward to our continued partnerships with these wonderful local schools to provide students with even more authentic and relatable cultural experiences and learning opportunities. 

(Photo Supplied: Dubbo South Primary School) DHUB with local students and staff at NAIDOC Week celebration assembly at Dubbo South Primary School.

Dubbo South Primary School 

Stage 3 DHUB students celebrated NAIDOC Week by hosting an assembly for all of Stage 3.  

During the assembly, students demonstrated knowledge and skills that they had learnt throughout the past 2 terms of DHUB Sessions. As part of the assembly, a Wiradjuri song was performed, a Traditional Indigenous Games (TIG) PowerPoint and video was shown and the students and DHUB staff presented artwork of Ollie the Owl to the school as our totem animal.  

Partnering with DHUB has been an amazing experience for all students involved. Having the opportunity for all Indigenous students in Stage 3 (76 students in total) to elect what aspect of Aboriginal culture to learn about, has proven a positive experience and has enabled students to fully engage themselves in the learning process. This has also provided staff with an authentic and quality way to include cultural goals in students’ Personalised Learning Pathways (PLP’s).  

DSPS is looking forward to continuing our partnership with DHUB moving into next year to provide our students with even more authentic and relatable cultural experiences and learning opportunities.  

(Story Credit): Supplied by Sally Constable, Stage 3 Classroom Teacher and Sista Speak Co-Ordinator, Dubbo South Primary School

Geurie Public School  

DHUB was excited to celebrate NAIDOC Week 2020 with staff and students from Geurie Public School which hosted and also welcomed students from Eumungerie Public School from K-6.  

One of the highlights during the celebration was the staging of Traditional Indigenous Games event, which develops a greater understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture. 

Students also participated in an art session using a hands-on approach to produce some fantastic artwork using their knowledge of Aboriginal symbols and patterns to tell their story on a Boomerang. They benefited greatly from the art session as they learned more about Aboriginal totems and the Acknowledgement of Country as well as designing their totems based on their personality traits.  

Orana Heights Public School

DHUB was fortunate enough to celebrate NAIDOC Day at Orana Heights Public School with students from Years 5 and 6.  

Students and staff participated in a range of activities including staging several Traditional Indigenous Games both learning about these games origin and playing the game,  

An art session on the day allowed students to use a hands-on approach with this activity and produce some fantastic artwork using their knowledge of Aboriginal symbols and patterns to tell their own stories on a few different resources including scratch boomerangs and animals, canvas and wooden boomerangs.  

Students also learned the art of weaving, being able to use different colours and techniques to make friendship bracelets, anklets, and headbands. It was a fun day for all involved

Sam’s NAIDOC Week Story 

Stories like these are what our team at DHUB is all about! 

DHUB loves working with our member school participants and watching them grow! Last week DHUB got to spend time with Sam during NAIDOC Week Celebrations. They say a picture says a thousand words – how true is this! Sam’s smile says it all.

Sam loved being able to celebrate NAIDOC with the team from DHUB during his school’s celebrations. 

Sam told his story through scratch art, and his design told the story about what he loved learning about his culture – the animals and his community. 

We have loved working with Sam and loved watching him grow throughout the year! 

About DHUB

Bamara delivers the Opportunity Hub in Dubbo and Wellington for the NSW Department of Education, a program developed through the NSW Government’s OCHRE initiative. 

DHUB’s approach is collaborative, inclusive, respectful, focused, culturally aware and flexible. We create links between local schools, employers, training providers, support services and Aboriginal communities and are committed to working in partnership to provide coordinated opportunities ensuring that employment, training and further education opportunities are matched to individual students’ aspirations.

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