Good News Story | Keryn

What is your story?
I have been going to Bamara for one year now, time does fly. I had a long-term goal of working in the mines as a dump truck driver but i found it wasn’t suitable at this time with my current family situation.

Tarlia my Case Manager at Bamara arranged a great opportunity to complete a ‘My Skills for Work’ course with ATWEA College.

They have been amazing, in setting up FREE tailored training packages for Tarlia as required in the local area. The skills for work course included an RSA qualification.

Since completion of her study in early December 2019, Keryn has successfully achieved employment and is working for Hope Estate Vineyard in the Hunter Valley at various concerts and functions, using her new qualifications.

Keryn said “I never thought I would experience this; working at a venue while Elton John is playing and I am serving people their meals, it sure is unbelievable.”

Describe what you thought ParentsNext was about, before coming to your initial appointment with Bamara?
I wasn’t sure about it – I knew it was aimed at people like me to get into the workforce after not working for years. Now I know how much Bamara can support their participants.

If you are willing to give it a go and show them you are keen then it makes the process easier.

Explain how you believe you have developed through the ParentsNext experience?
I can say I feel more confident, not feeling scared to try new things anymore. Doing the courses Tarlia set up for me, I was able to meet so many new people. Having this experience, to do something other than the day to day things and being with other like-minded people has been amazing.

I keep in touch with the other people I met in the course after we completed it. It’s good to feel responsible for something different in your life.

Tell us about the support you received from your Case Manager, Tarlia?
She is Awesome, Tarlia has made me feel supported by listening to my goals and my challenges. She can tell if someone is keen to learn and grow and will go to great lengths to help them.

What changes do you think we could use to support Participants better if any?
No changes, I have had a wonderful experience with Bamara and I look forward to continuing that.

What do you believe your biggest challenge was/is to get to your goal?
I am really loving the hospitality industry, meeting new people it is right down my alley. I still have a goal to work in the mines but at this stage I am enjoying what I am doing and experiencing.

I love the fact that I can listen to music and help people all at the same time while I get paid, Its pretty special. The more I study or work I realise how much i missed being in the work force. I would just like to thank Bamara and Tarlia for giving me the opportunity to do what I have been doing and to tell my story.