Fifi’s journey to Australia has driven her to work tirelessly to achieve the life she desires for herself and her family. For several years, her biggest challenge was speaking English, having the confidence to interact with others, and being confident in herself.  

Through the ParentsNext program delivered by Bamara, Fifi discovered valuable local support, gained confidence, and accessed the necessary local services to improve her English skills to kickstart a rewarding role in Disability Support as a Case Worker.    

“Having a job makes me strong for my kids and a better future,” Fifi said.    

Fifi was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and connected with our team in Palmerston in 2020. At the time, she faced language barriers that affected her ability to settle and access support within the community. Communicating her needs and understanding the available resources, support, and employment opportunities was a challenge she was looking to overcome and was very difficult for her.     

Additionally, she had nine children, and her only goal was to improve her English.     

After Fifi’s initial meetings with Bamara Support Mentor Edith, she learned more about the ParentsNext program, its benefits, and the available services. Despite her low confidence and initial shyness, she quickly formed a strong connection with Edith.    

“Edith is a good person, very happy, and knows how to help me with everything. She was very good to me,” said Fifi.    

They developed a Pathway Plan to use local support to help her improve her English language skills, gain confidence in communication, and access the support and services she needed for her family. Edith connected Fifi to STEPS AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program), delivered by Steps Education and Training.   

This program allowed Fifi to connect with participants and learn language skills to help her settle successfully in Australia alongside people with similar backgrounds, experiences, and goals.    

“Her English has improved dramatically, boosting her confidence and happiness as she works towards a better future,” Edith said.    

“I enjoyed our catch-ups. She is vibrant and intelligent, brightens the room, and is a great example for anyone who perseveres.”    

Along the way, Edith also helped Fifi by providing a laptop for her skills training and work shoes through the ParentsNext Participation Fund and access to Engagement Support Vouchers, available to new and existing ParentsNext participants.    

Fifi is settling into her role, gaining valuable experience, and helping clients, which aligns with her passion for helping people. She is active in her community, is an exceptional dancer, and has a brighter outlook for her career and family.    

“Sometimes I didn’t know what I needed, but Bamara always made sure I had everything, including local support services. I always felt comfortable,” said Fifi.   

Fifi (front) participating through dance at the International Women’s Day 2024 event in Palmerston, hosted by STEPS.

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