Pregnancy is an important time in a parent’s life and comes with many of its own challenges. Having the right support can be the key to achieving your goals whilst supporting your family.   

Gipsy was connected to Bamara through the ParentsNext program in 2021, where she was introduced to Support Mentor Melissa. With experience working in finance, real estate and hospitality, Gipsy was six months pregnant and saw that she would be unable to work until after the baby was born.   

“Her goal was to upskill while she was pregnant with a young child at home,” said Melissa.   

Melissa recognised Gipsy’s desire to study and began to work to uncover her work goals. She connected Gipsy to Bamara’s Registered Training Organisation, Bamara Education and Training, where she studied a microunit in Communication Skills whilst caring for her daughter at home. Gipsy completed this course in just a few short weeks.  

In October 2021, Gipsy wished to continue her studies with Bamara Education and Training and enrolled in a Certificate III in Business, learning practical business knowledge and skills to take into a future role.    

Throughout her study journey, Bamara was always ready to assist Gipsy and would offer support whenever needed. After completing her Certificate III, Gipsy decided to continue studying into a Certificate IV. When needing to organise details for her new course within a limited timeframe, Melissa promptly offered her assistance in completing tasks well before the due date.  

“Melissa was so quick to respond with the help I needed. Communication has been fantastic, and support is always there when I need it,” said Gipsy.  

“I wouldn’t have been able to get through my study without Bamara’s help.”   

Gipsy has recently enrolled in a Certificate IV in Training and Assessing through Inspire Education, which will be completed online. Gipsy’s goal is to become a trainer and assessor, as she wants to assist others in achieving their dream jobs through learning. 

Having found an industry that aligns with her passion, Gipsy is thriving in her career path and is looking forward to continuing her studies in July. Being mentored by Bamara’s RTO Manager, Kerrie, Gipsy has said how grateful she is to be supported in her new course.  

“Training and Assessing is perfect as I love to work from home and teach people – especially adults,” said Gipsy.   

“I love caring for my family and would also love to provide for them through working from home.”   

Gipsy has recently welcomed baby Thomas into her family, and is starting to make plans for the future. Gipsy is excited to begin a career that allows her to work from home, meaning she will be able to care for her family while pursuing her passion for teaching others.   

“I think when you open yourself up to these opportunities, it opens doors,” said Gipsy.     

“If you can improve your skills and make yourself more knowledgeable, it’s worth it.”      

The Bamara team has seen incredible growth in Gipsy’s journey to build new skills.

Bamara wishes Gipsy all the best in her studies and in welcoming baby Thomas into the family.