Re-entering the workforce after caring for your family be a daunting process. As a stay-at-home mother, Jade was already juggling her responsibilities at home but decided to pursue her passion for helping others.

“I always enjoyed my face-to-face appointments in the Cessnock office; they felt more like a friendly catch up,” said Jade.

When Jade connected with Bamara through the ParentsNext program, she was energetic and selfless, with a strong calling to assist people.

Jade’s career aspirations revolved around finding employment in a field where she could help others.

However, she still felt nervous about getting back into the workforce and finding her passion. Seeking a job that would fit her family life was also a big part of this goal.

“I was a stay-at-home Mum for so many years raising my babies, and the thought of returning to work was very daunting,” said Jade.

With a desire to start pursuing her career goals, Jade would attend the Cessnock office to discuss her plans over coffee. This is where she met our Bamara Support Mentor, Sophie. Having regular conversations about Jade’s career plans helped to build her confidence.

“Jade was always reliable when it came to her appointments, and we knew she would fit right in with the team,” said Sophie.

Sophie brought Jade’s career goals into reality through internal courses Bamara offered, such as the Art and Yarn course, supporting social engagement and interaction with other parents. Jade was excited to get involved in any activities available and enjoyed her interactions with other parents and Bamara’s Support Mentors.

Seeing an opportunity, Jade expressed an interest in working as a Support Mentor.

Jade has grown to love the same work she was guided through in her time with the Cessnock team. With support from the Bamara, Jade began working as a Support Mentor – where she lives out her passion for helping people.

“Since engaging with Bamara, I have gained enough confidence to rejoin the workforce,” said Jade.

“I am now employed as a Support Mentor with Bamara in the Cessnock office, and I could not be prouder of myself.”

Now confident in her role, Jade works to help others as a Bamara Support Mentor in the same office where she first came to Bamara as a ParentsNext program participant.

Jade sees her career milestones as an opportunity to show stay-at-home parents that it is possible to rejoin the workforce and achieve great things while caring for their children.

“We knew she was perfect for the Support Mentor role because she loves a chat… she also always has this sweet nurturing side and willingness to go above and beyond,” said Sophie.

“Jade has her bubbly personality and awesome initiative. She’s only been working with Bamara for a few weeks, but we couldn’t imagine not having her on the team.”

Sophie and the team are ecstatic for Jade and her achievements and enjoy working alongside her at Bamara Cessnock.