Making the decision to retrain means balancing the other areas of your life and maintaining plenty of dedication.

Morgan did both, unlocking her ability to excel in her studies and pursue the career she is passionate about.

In 2019, Morgan came to Bamara through the ParentsNext program, delivered in Port Macquarie; committed, talented, and eager to learn and study business and Administration.

While Morgan’s career goals centred on securing regular work in this field, she struggled with low self-esteem and confidence levels. This was due to being without work for several years and experiencing family hardships.

Morgan connected with Bamara Support Mentor, Mervyn, who started the conversation about where Morgan was and where she was looking to go. Mervyn discovered what Morgan was passionate about and what tools or support she needed to grow further.

“She just took the advice and put it into action,” said Mervyn.

Mervyn and Morgan worked together to refresh her resume so she could start applying for jobs. During this time, she completed a Future Goals workshop facilitated by Bamara, which helped her focus on the areas of her life she wanted to prioritise and work towards achieving.

“The workshop looks at your current goals, what you’re doing at the moment, and where you want to be in the future,” said Mervyn.

“And then it helps you map out steps to get there.”

Mervyn was able to tap into Morgan’s calling towards Business and Administration work. He assisted her in enrol and commencing study in Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting. Finding the ideal course to begin, Bamara supported Morgan through course fees, enrolment and securing textbooks.

To date, Morgan has completed her Certificate IV in Business. Following this achievement, she enrolled in a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting. Morgan is currently maintaining her studies, on track to finishing this course.

Morgan was actively looking for work in the Administration field and has now secured employment in a Clerical role. This role will involve accounting and bookkeeping, using her experience and studies in her daily tasks. Morgan now has a new motivation to continue along this career path.

“Morgan was given the practical tools to see that it’s not as big a step towards her career as it may look,” said Mervyn.

“She’s been fantastic – she’s run with everything and hasn’t stopped at any stage. She’s moving forward.”

Mervyn and the whole team at Bamara are immensely proud of how much Morgan has achieved. They have seen tremendous growth in Morgan’s career and fully support her future work and study ventures.