Keeping up with studies can be challenging, especially while supporting a family. It takes someone special to succeed at both with flying colours.  

Through coming to Australia from Congo and supporting her children, Marie has worked tirelessly to achieve the life she wants for herself and her family.   

When Marie connected with Bamara through the ParentsNext program in October 2019, she was incredibly hardworking and dedicated to her family. Marie already held qualifications in Congo but could not transfer them to Australia, which meant starting from scratch. She struggled to have confidence in her abilities, particularly her English, driving and computer skills.   

Bamara Support Mentor, Stacey recognised Marie’s hardworking nature and began to discuss her personal and career goals. Through this process, Stacey was able to connect Marie’s strengths with the tools she would need to pursue her goals of study and work. 

Marie’s career aspirations centred around becoming qualified to secure stable work and provide for her family. Marie recognised the areas of her life that she wanted to improve – but was looking for the right pathways to support this journey.

“Initially, Marie thought people could not understand her due to her language barrier,” said Stacey.

“The thought of driving would make her physically shake with fear.”  

Bamara supported Marie’s journey by enrolling her in the Steps English class. This training is run externally and provides free English classes for non-English speakers, building on written, verbal and listening skills. 

Marie also participated in a Digital Skills course and the Resume Ready resume training, designed to boost both Marie’s confidence and her abilities.  

Bamara also supported Marie in completing driving lessons, which led to her gaining her full licence. This achievement opened up more opportunities for Marie to accept work and care for her children.   

Marie’s career growth and refreshed resume have led her to find a passion for the hospitality industry. By completing both a Hospitality course and a Housekeeping course, Marie has been able to gain employment that draws on her experience and studies. In her day to day tasks, Marie is preparing rooms, stocking supplies, cleaning or providing assistance to guests within the hotel.  

“Through positive reinforcement and the successful completion of activities, Marie is kicking goals,” said Stacey.

Marie is now confident in her abilities, working as a housekeeping attendant with her new qualifications. She has achieved multiple study milestones, staying motivated at every step. Marie’s goal has always been to start working and studying in Australia so she can provide a good life for her children, both of which she has now reached.

“I am so proud of how far Marie has come since working with her,” said Stacey.

“I wish her all the success for the future.”

Bamara is incredibly happy for Marie with all of her achievements, and the whole team looks forward to seeing what the future holds for her whole family.