We here at Bamara would like to wish everyone a Happy NAIDOC week! NAIDOC week celebrates the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the Nation.    

The theme ‘Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud, and Proud’ is a call for unity and solidarity to amplify voices that have long been silenced. The fire represents resilience, strength, kinship, and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity. It’s a rallying cry for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals to be unapologetic and proud of their heritage and identity.

We can keep the fire burning through honest conversations and discussions on our shared history, growing understanding of First Nations culture and traditions, and standing with First Nations people in solidarity every day, not just during significant dates such as this.   

We must celebrate the progress made, while having meaningful conversations on the work that still needs to be done. We must cherish and celebrate the culture, stories, traditions and achievements across all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  

This year’s gorgeous NAIDOC week 2024 poster was designed by Torres Strait Islander artist Deb Belyea.

The title ‘Urapun Muy’ means ‘One Fire’ in the Kalaw Kawaw Ya language of the Top Western Islands of the Torres Strait. The artwork depicts First Nations ancestors’ hands dropping a flaming ember into a fire. This represents the passing on of Cultural knowledge from generation to generation.  

To learn more about NAIDOC week and this year’s theme, head to the NAIDOC website: