Growing up, some people know what they want to do in life. Having the right opportunity can turn that passion into a rewarding career.

Jasmin connected with Bamara through Dubbo Opportunity Hub (DHUB) in February 2022. Jasmin struggled with her confidence and did not believe in her abilities, but from a young age knew she wanted to work in landscaping or excavating.    

In early March, Jasmin enrolled into Tiddas in Trade, a program funded through NSW Government’s Trade Pathway Program.

The Tiddas in Trade program aimed to create a supportive atmosphere to encourage Aboriginal women to pursue work in trades such as Earthmoving and Construction. This is achieved by participants completing accredited training delivered by local RTO’s in Dubbo.  

“To have a connection with the other women in the course, working together and encouraging each other, made it less daunting for me,” said Jasmin.

 Throughout the program, the participants received regular check-ins from the DHUB and AES staff, and had the support of a female Aboriginal Mentor each day of the program. 

“The trainers and employers were amazing. Our mentors were people we could look up to,” said Jasmin.

“To have the acknowledgement from them was the best.”    

The Tiddas in Trade initiative gave Jasmin the momentum to pursue a future of studying and working in a career she wanted. Under the initiative, Jasmin obtained accredited training in: Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry, Enter and Work in Confined Spaces, Work Safely at Heights, Conduct Civil Construction, Front End Loader Operations, Conduct Roller Operations, and Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck.

Soon after participating in the program, Jasmin used her impressive new skills to land a full-time apprenticeship, allowing her to begin her studies in Certificate III in Landscaping and Construction.   

Having found a job that aligns with her calling, Jasmin is thriving in her role as an apprentice. Each day she lives out her passion and looks forward to one day starting her own landscaping business.     

“I never thought I could do anything like this,” said Jasmin.

“My confidence has increased so much, and the only way is up.” 

We have all seen remarkable achievements from Jasmin in her journey throughout the program, and wish her all the best for the future.    

About Tiddas in Trade  

Tiddas in Trade was a six-week pre-employment program developed in collaboration with DHUB – Dubbo Opportunity Hub and Dubbo Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) that created opportunities for local Aboriginal Women (Tiddas) aged seventeen and over to undertake accredited training in Earthmoving and Construction.

Further Information    

For Further Information about the Tiddas in Trade program, please get in touch with DHUB Coordinator Brooke Mallison:

Mobile: 0448 613 166