Finding the right balance between raising a young family and pursuing career goals can be challenging and something that for several years, Bianca knew too well.  

However, she was determined to explore new career opportunities and get her life back on track, which proved fruitful and rejuvenating for her and her kids.  

Through the ParentsNext program delivered by Bamara, Bianca landed a job that she loves as a Traffic Controller, which suits her perfectly.   

When Bianca connected with our team in Palmerston in 2019, she was unemployed and seeking to build her confidence, support her young family, and gain the training she needed   

Her main goals were to build her confidence, and study to gain the training she needed for employment. After Bianca’s initial meetings with Bamara Support Mentor Edith, she learned more about the ParentsNext program, its benefits, and the available services.   

Together, they discussed Bianca’s ambitions and worked to create a plan to help her stay focused on finding the right balance between managing her young family and her career goals.   

They identified that Traffic Management was an industry worth exploring, and Edith soon connected Bianca to local training providers, opening the door for her to complete traffic management tickets and courses that were required to kickstart a career in the industry.  Edith assisted Bianca in enrolling for her White Card and Traffic Management license. 

“Bianca’s dedication and commitment were truly inspiring. It was a pleasure working with her, and I am thrilled with the positive outcome,” said Edith 

Bianca was also provided with a laptop and phone to complete her training, as well as appropriate workwear and shoes, all covered through the ParentsNext Participation Fund. 

Six months into her new job, which she started in November 2023, Bianca has found her stride. She works on road sites across the Northern Territory. Her typical day includes directing traffic flow and speed to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and workers.  

With a new lease on life, Bianca is making great progress toward her own goals and creating a brighter future for her kids. 

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