What is Workforce Australia – Transition to Work? 

Bamara is a Work is a Workforce Australia provider of Transition to Work, a government initiative for young people aged 15-24.

Transition to Work helps you to follow your aspirations and helps build your skills and confidence to continue your education or get you ready to start a new job.  

We have the skills and experience to tailor your pathway into study or Work so you can start with confidence to build your future.  

We also provide access to work experience, relevant training, and useful resources to help you succeed and tailored to meet your goals so you can thrive in whatever you choose. 

How does it work? 

We’ll match you with a Youth Job Mentor who will help you prepare for work, including addressing any concerns you may have.  

How often you meet will depend on the plan you and your Youth Job Mentor develop to get you ready for your career pathway.

We arrange meetings face-to-face with flexible options available. Meetings can be one-on-one appointments, or you have the option to bring a friend or family member along.  

When you start your new job, your Youth Job Mentor will also be there to help you settle in and will support you for six months to help you succeed.

How will it help?

Your dedicated Youth Job Mentor will help you to:

  • Write and prepare a resume.  
  • Find and apply for jobs that are the right fit in your local area.  
  • Practice and prepare for interviews.  
  • Develop any practical skills relevant to your chosen field. 
  • Participate in relevant training, internships and/or work experience.  
  • Connect you to local Elders, community groups and allied health services who can advise, guide, and give you practical support so you can focus on your future. 
  • Arrange travel, clothing and equipment you may need for your new job.
  • Access other job requirements – such as driving lessons, licences, health checks, resources, work-related tickets, and tech or program training. 
  • Settle into your new job and support you for up to six months to help you succeed.

Is Transition to Work for me?

You may be eligible for our services for Transition to Work if you are: 

  • Between 15-24 years old. 
  • Either an Australian citizen, or 
  • The holder of a permanent visa, New Zealand Special Category Visa, or Nominated Visa (including Temporary Protection Visa or Safe Haven Visa). 
  • Reside in the Alice Springs region.

It will also depend on whether you: 

  • Have completed up to a Year 12 certificate or Certificate III. 
  • Have worked or studied within the last six months. 
  • Are receiving an income support payment such as Youth Allowance. 
  • Are participating in another employment service. 

Contact us today to speak with our friendly team if you need further information on your eligibility.

Looking for staff?

If you are a business keen to recruit and employ motivated and trained young people aged 15-24, please contact us.

Our Business Relationship Managers will work closely with you to understand your business needs and create the ‘best fit’ with our work ready candidates.  

We provide support to both you and the candidate through the recruitment process and also offer post placement support to ensure retention. 

Access to Government funding, including wage subsidies for eligible new employees is available.   

How can I get started?

Get in touch with us to chat about how we can support you through our services for Transition to Work. If you have any questions about the program or need some help understanding how to be referred to our services you can: 

  1. Submit a self-referral through the Digital Services portal (search Bamara). 
  1. Speak to your Employment Services or DES provider for a referral to Bamara. 
  1. Call us on 1300 012 476

How can we help?

For any questions or enquiries, please get in touch and complete the form below – we’d love to hear from you.