What is Assistance with Daily Living?

Assistance with Daily Living is a support service that enables you to live independently while receiving the necessary help for your daily tasks, such as personal care or meal preparation.

Our goal is to support you in becoming more self-sufficient and confident by honing your abilities.

We strive to assist you in living independently, to the fullest extent possible.

How we can support you

You’ll have access to a qualified Support Worker who can assist you with everyday tasks in and out of your home, such as:  

  • Personal care including bathing and dressing.
  • Preparing meals and going shopping.
  • Cleaning and gardening.
  • Accessing the community.
  • Attending personal appointments or health services.
  • Accessing Respite and Short-Term accommodation if you need it.

We also have qualified and trained high-needs support staff for those who need a more involved level of day-to-day care and support.  

Who can access Assistance with Daily Living?

If Assistance with Daily Living is listed as a support category in your Core Supports, then you can access the service. If you’re not sure, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you work it out. 

How does it work? 

You’ll be matched with a Support Worker who suits your needs and can come to your home (or any other location) each day to support you.  

Where are Assistance with Daily Living supports available? 

We provide Assistance with Daily Living support across Dubbo and the surrounding areas and Kempsey.

Why choose Bamara?

Bamara is a Registered NDIS Provider, committed to providing high quality and culturally responsive support for you or your loved ones.

We have an experienced local team, who know the area, and will strive to assist you in reaching your goals, whether they are big or small.

Our team will get to know you and your individual needs to find the best way to support you, and help you live your best life.

Pricing and eligibility

We tailor our services to suit your unique needs, so contact us if you have any questions regarding program fees under an NDIS Plan or if this service suits you. Our team is ready to answer any questions and discuss the best option for you.

How to get started

Our team is ready to help you with any questions you may have. Please fill out the form below and one of our team members will get in touch with you to discuss your options.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our Customer Service team by calling 1300 012 476.