About Sistas in Trade

The Sistas in Trade program provides an excellent platform for local First Nations women to kickstart construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing careers.

This program connects local employers and training organisations to create opportunities for First Nations women aged 18 and over participating in Workforce Australia employment services across Dubbo and surrounding areas.

Funded by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, Bamara delivered Sistas in Trades through the Local Jobs Program in partnership with VERTO, BEST Employment Ltd and Joblink Plus.

Our impact

Since the commencement of the Sistas in Trade program in February 2023, 16 participants have found employment across the Far West Orana Employment Region.

Our program was designed to enhance personal confidence and skills. The content was selected to meet the specific needs and workforce requirements of the local community. Our decisions were based on years of experience working with First Nation participants in the region.

Bamara is committed to delivering effective employment and pre-employment services to First Nation participants, which provides valuable insight into the community’s needs.

How the program works

Sistas in Trade aligns with Bamara’s commitment to improving the lives of First Nations people across the country. The program included:

  • Pre-employment and skills training, including work experience facilitated by industry representatives
  • Connecting with local employers
  • Nationally recognised training courses designed for employees to work safely 

“Bamara is thrilled to be delivering such a deadly program in the Orana region, we are looking forward to celebrating employment outcomes with our First Nations Sistas in Trade participants.”

Lesley Zarb, Bamara CEO

On-site experiences

Squadron Energy is Australia’s leading renewable energy company that develops, operates and owns renewable energy assets in Australia.

Through our commitment as part of the program, participants connected with employers in the construction, infrastructure and manufacturing industries through on-site experiences across the Far West Orana Employment Region.

One of the highlights for participants was a trip to Squadron Energy’s Crudine Ridge Wind Farm project, which commenced operations in 2022. Perched on mountains in Wiradjuri Country, 45 kilometres south of Mudgee, this wind farm generates renewable electricity to power over 75,000 homes annually, helping them meet 100% of their renewable energy needs.

These on-site experiences provided valuable insight for participants on the types of industries that come together to build a wind farm, inspired participants to kickstart careers in renewable energy, and reinforced their equal-opportunity employment stance.

Squadron Energy’s Health and Safety Advisor, Melissa Bird, also provided mentoring sessions for women in the program and spoke about her career challenges and successes while working in a male-dominated industry.

“This is such a valuable and unique program that Squadron Energy is thrilled to support,” said Melissa.

Latest Highlights

Read real stories that have helped positively impact our participants, their families and communities through the Sistas in Trade program.

Kylie is an Aboriginal woman, born and bred on Wiradjuri country in Dubbo, who is a resilient mother and grandmother to her family.

Through the Sistas in Trade program, which Bamara delivered, Kiley has secured a full-time job and is now part of the New Dubbo Bridge Project, where she can earn a sustainable living. 

Look what Graduation Day means for our latest round of Sistas in Trade participants, who completed a 6-week pre-employment program in Dubbo today.

“I heard about it every now and then, women in trades, but not a lot,” Ms Seymour said.

As part of the week-long program, the women had the opportunity to experience first-hand the New Dubbo Bridge construction site.

Further Information

Whether you want to learn more about the Sistas in Trade program, or to discuss options through our services or programs, we’re here to help. Contact us today:

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