After sustaining a devastating workplace injury, Joshua knew instantly that this would be a significant turning point in his life.  

He had to reevaluate not only his career prospects but also take time to heal from his injuries while balancing the expectations of supporting and providing for his young family.  

Despite these challenges and some local support along the way through the ParentsNext program which Bamara delivers, Joshua was determined to explore new career opportunities and is thriving, having recently kickstarted his long-term goal of running his own business, something he had dreamt of for some time. 

“Having the freedom of running a business has also allowed me to balance my work and family life better, giving me more flexibility and a better routine,” said Joshua.  

When Joshua connected with our team in Tamworth in June 2022, he had worked in the mining and construction industry for over 20 years. His injury had forced him to take a break from the intensive labour that the industry demands to heal and recuperate.  

He realised that he could not meet the physical demands of returning to the mines and decided it was time to consider working for himself.  

Joshua found the uncertainty of his situation to be extremely difficult to cope with, but when he teamed up with Bamara Support Mentor Kelly, they began to research his dreams more thoroughly.  

They created a Pathway Plan focused on taking the necessary steps to start his own business. During their catchups, Kelly ensured Joshua received the appropriate support, advice and how to utilise the ParentsNext program to his advantage.  

“Josh has overcome a lot to get where he is now. From numerous injuries and moving a few times, he finally has done himself proud in achieving his dream,” said Kelly.

Kelly also met with local job network providers to seek support and advice for new local businesses, which provided Joshua with a few more tips to fine-tune the required operational requirements.

Along the way, Kelly also assisted Joshua in obtaining a forklift license and funding for a chainsaw and an air compressor to help him hit the ground running in his new business venture. This was all made possible through the ParentsNext Participation Fund.  

“The team at Bamara were all mums themselves, which made them incredibly empathetic and understanding of my situation at the time,” said Joshua. 

“As a single dad, the support I received from Kelly was incredibly helpful. There was no pressure to move at a certain pace, and I felt welcomed from the beginning.

As the seeds of his new business, Inside N Out, started to sprout, Joshua focused on marketing his services, connecting with local businesses in the community, and handling administrative tasks. His new lease on life has taken a positive turn with a new career direction and outlook for his family.  

Joshua’s services include handyman work, property maintenance, gardening, mowing, repairs, and fitouts. He plans to continue growing his business and expanding his operations by undertaking various projects in Narrabri and surrounding areas.  

Despite the setbacks he faced, he turned his life around and pursued a new career path that he finds fulfilling.  

“The turning point for me was the financial help to gain the necessary tools, which enabled me to take on a few jobs immediately,” said Joshua. 

“It was reassuring to have that level of support. Overall, the experience through ParentsNext was wonderful, and I am grateful for the help I received.”

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