Pat is a young man with a spring in his step these days. He beams with pride, purpose, and a sense of community spirit as he walks into work, greeted by boisterous welcomes from customers and his workmates.    

Thanks to his improved skills, confidence, and infectious personality, Pat has become a valuable team member at Keirle’s Pharmacy in Wellington.   

Keirle’s Pharmacy Retail Manager, Michael Keirle, has seen Pat’s progress since the beginning of his employment journey.   

It brings Michael great joy to see how far Pat has come and how much he has achieved during his time at the pharmacy.   

“I look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays working with Pat,” said Michael.   

“All staff at the Pharmacy enjoy his company, and his presence certainly adds a positive feel to the work environment for everyone, including our staff, customers, couriers, and even the postman.”      

Keirle’s Pharmacy Retail Manager, Michael Keirle, (left) with Pat (right)

Pat, who has Down syndrome, connected with Bamara to utilise NDIS Disability Support Services, which would be a good fit for his lifestyle and goals.  

He was focused on developing more independence, building his life and social skills, and finding employment. As part of his NDIS plan, these supports included Capacity Building, Social and Community Participation, and School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES), which helped Pat develop the necessary skills, training, and support to prepare him for employment.

Throughout this period, Bamara Support Worker, Piper, provided regular one-on-one sessions to support Pat, checking in with him regularly, staying in touch, and offering a helping hand, whenever he needed it.

When Pat commenced at the pharmacy in May 2023, he found communicating effectively in his new job difficult.  

However, as he continued to work and became more comfortable with his tasks, his communication skills improved noticeably. This allowed him to express his needs better and fit nicely with the work environment.     

“His presence and interactions with customers have shown the potential for people with disability, bringing a unique and beautiful light to the work environment,” said Piper.  

Pat’s meticulous attention to detail is evident daily during his shift; he carefully unpacks daily orders, labels inventory, checks prices, and quantities, ensure proper stock rotation, and has an exceptional ability to remember tasks and work independently.   

When it comes to letting his hair down, Pat is an exceptional dancer and loves listening to music. He enjoys interacting with his fellow Bamara participants and our team and takes advantage of opportunities to get out and connect with the community.     

Piper continues to support Pat, both in and outside the workplace, also engaging him in various community activities and hobbies and taking him on assisted getaways throughout Australia, including recent trips to Port Stephens and the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

She has been a constant source of encouragement for Pat and has been instrumental in helping him achieve his goals.     

Pat’s journey exemplifies the potential within everyone, regardless of their abilities,” said Piper. 

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