Aimy came to Bamara Care with a bold idea.  

She wanted to see a part of Australia she hadn’t seen before. She wanted to do it independently, and she wanted it to be fun and full of adventure.  

After discussing the idea with her Bamara Care NDIS Support Worker Aimee , the two thought a bit of travel would be a good opportunity for Aimy to increase her social skills and community participation, while also practicing her independent living skills.  

And so, a trip was formed.  

Aimy took an integrated approach to Aimee’s NDIS plan. As part of Bamara Care’s service, Aimee accessed specialised services and opportunities for the two to enjoy a week-long trip to Queensland.  

The two women set off from Dubbo to Sydney and continued on to Cairns. When they arrived, they settled into their accommodation and ordered some supplies for their breakfast as they had dinner in their apartment.  

Monday morning saw the duo picked up by a local transport company that drove them to Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, where they enjoyed educational shows and hands-on experiences with the reptiles. They enjoyed dinner by the ocean and walked back to their apartment.  

On Tuesday, Aimy and Aimee caught the Skyline to Kuranda, where they explored the Koala Gardens, Birdworld, and the Butterfly Sanctuary. The day was complemented with excellent local food and shopping as the two basked in the views of the rainforest from Kuranda to Cairns.  

Wednesday saw the women fly to the Gold Coast where they got cosy and relaxed with some movies and waterfront views. The next day they headed to Sea World where they watched shows featuring seals and dolphins, as well as an action-packed water show by the crew.  

A relaxing day was had on Friday, full of sleep-ins, brunch, and shopping at Pacific Fair.   

Aimy was then whisked away on Saturday morning for a day spa session in preparation for the Outback Spectacular on Saturday night, before the relaxed team headed home on Sunday.  

Upon reflection, Support Coordinator Aimee was thrilled for Aimy to utilise her independent living skills through travelling, visiting tourist destinations, and day-to-day activities.  

“Many of the experiences Aimy had on this trip wouldn’t have been possible without Bamara Care. 

“I’m very proud of us as an organisation and what we help our participants achieve,” Aimee said.  

About Bamara Care 

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