Having a supportive environment can help you realise your full potential. Coming full circle with Bamara, we want to share Bec’s story of becoming part of the family, right where it all began.  

Bec connected with Bamara for the ParentsNext program in 2020, delivered in Cessnock. She had worked in aged care for 15 years before having her son. 

After becoming a mum, Bec teamed up with Bamara with the goals of completing a course and finding family-friendly employment. She wanted to find a new passion, and chose to pursue a Certificate in Medical Administration Terminology. 

Very early on, Bec was receptive and enthusiastic to the support she received from the whole team, particularly Support Mentors Steph and Sophie. Throughout lockdown periods, she attended several Art and Yarn sessions over zoom, which build up participants’ confidence, self-awareness and growth through artistic freedom.  

“Bec was always super reliable and friendly to talk to,” said Sophie, Support Mentor. 

After discussing her goals with the team, Bec was inspired and coached into a course that felt right for her, and she eventually enrolled in Certificate IV in Community Services. To support Bec’s study journey, Bamara supplied her with a laptop to help her complete work.  

“Helping others is where my passion is,” said Bec. 

Working away on this course showed Bec a passion for the work she was being helped with. The Cessnock team saw this passion building and reached out to offer her a position in their office. Feeling underqualified, Bec was hesitant to accept. But the team persisted and contacted her after some time to offer again. Bec knew she had to believe in herself as much as everyone else did and decided to take the position.  

“Bec has always been really motivated, which is how we knew she would be perfect for our team,” said Sophie.

“She is so friendly, and the participants love her.”  

Now a full-time Support Mentor in Bamara’s Cessnock office, Bec has just passed her two-month milestone of working within the team. With a unique perspective as a participant, Bec uses her talents and experiences to support people as she was first supported.  

“I am meeting so many different people from the community,” said Bec.

“I feel I am able to help other young parents as I have been a part of Bamara as a participant also.”  

Finding a job that inspires and motivates her daily has greatly impacted the direction of her career path. By kicking goals and building genuine connections, Bec has truly found her calling.   

“Bec has fit straight in with the Hunter team,” said Sophie.

“She can see both sides of the program and really relate to each person and their individual experiences and circumstances.”  

Bec has the support of the whole Bamara team behind her, and Bamara will continue this support as she supports our participants each day.