Since the start of the year, DHUB participants Quade, Ian, and Zayne have participated in numerous courses to improve their employability skills through our local connections at Dubbo Traffic Control, VERTO and TAFE.

They have also recently attained their Learner Permits through the Driver Licensing Access Program (DLAP), which Bamara now delivers.

By working closely with VERTO, the staff at DHUB were able to enrol Ian into a course that correctly applies first aid training, including learning how to perform CPR. Ian completed the course with his first-aid certificate, an essential ticket required to enter the workforce in doing this course.

DLAP is an excellent way for these participants to learn road safety through a training week set in the DHUB office accompanied by other participants. During the course, Ian and Quade learned the fundamentals of driving by utilising learner booklets, watching videos, and participating in hands-on driving.

With the DLAP team providing them with learning and training, they were confident enough to go for their learner’s license and were successful.

Their next step now is to continue driving lessons under the guidance of experienced and qualified driver mentors through the program, which will build up their confidence to practice driving during the day and at night which will prepare them well for gaining their provisional licence.

DHUB has worked closely with Dubbo Traffic Control, who referred Ian, Quade and Zayne to enrol in their four-day construction course. The boys completed the course and gained qualifications in Working at Heights, using power tools, working in Confined Spaces and gaining a White Card.

Ian and Quade have also enrolled in a Certificate II in Construction at the local TAFE, which commences in March 2021, where they will continue their studies for a further three months.

We are proud of the effort and persistence of Ian, Quade and Zayne. They have demonstrated the willingness to gain vital qualifications, which will help them transition into the workforce with the attainment of tickets and licenses.

From the team at DHUB, we thank our local community connections for providing continued access to learning and training for our participants and young people across the community.

We wish Ian, Quade and Zayne every success in the future.