Bamara recently held the Empowering Women for Strong Futures workshop in Mparntwe (Alice Springs), bringing together women in leadership and various local schools, including First Nations female students in Years 9-12. 

The event is part of our services for the EPP Emerging Priorities Program (EPP), funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, which aims to improve educational outcomes, student engagement, and the wellbeing of school leaders, teachers, and students. 

Taking place at the Desert Knowledge Centre in Mparn­twe, the event aimed to empower participants through discussions, education, and various activities. The participants had the opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences, and connect and engage with other students. 

Traditional Owners, Janet Turner and Donna Dixon who are Liaison Officers from the Northern Territory Police, welcomed people to country and lead a Smoking Ceremony for all to take part in. 

The event provided a welcoming, fun, and powerful space for young women to further their knowledge, connect, and explore their potential with a program covering several topics from career pathways, risks and benefits of social media, and tips for mental health, positivity, and wellbeing. 

The catalyst for participants to connect and speak up, drew on the inspiration of various guest speakers who shared their wealth of knowledge, experience, and pathways to inspire our participants, including valuable First Nations knowledge, perspectives, and insights, making the sessions informative and engaging.  

First Nations woman, Alicia Janz, the Operations Manager of Deadly Sista Girlz at the Waalitj Foundation, provided an inspiring presentation that encouraged participants to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. Alicia has mentored young Australian First Nations women for the past 13 years whilst also competing at an elite level in both netball and football.  

“Thank you for inviting me to be a part of an exciting day of female empowerment. The Bamara team instantly created a welcoming and safe place for everyone. I am very proud of all the students for showing courage and leadership throughout the day under the guidance of their supportive teachers.” 

Alicia Janz

“I am grateful to everyone that made this possible for our young girls to share in their empowerment. Esso (Thank you).” 

Facilitating this event was Leela Kruger, Aboriginal Education Officer at Gillen Primary School who won the 2023 Northern Territory Young Achiever of the Year Award and is also a nominee for the 2024 awards. 

“It has taught me a lot and really took me out of my comfort zone. I’m inspired to make this an annual event for the future leaders of Alice Springs.” 

Leela Kruger

“It was such an amazing experience to be a part of.”

Leela was joined by Janette Turner, who both did an excellent job of facilitating and introducing the speakers and keeping the event engaging and ticking. Workshops and activities throughout the event included presentations by: 

  • Jess Molloy from GTNT shared valuable insights on School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs) 
  • Katie Thompson from Be.ME Movement Education led a movement activity that was both fun and educational. 
  • Constable Helen Douglas from the Northern Territory Police who delivered awareness on using the internet. 
  • Jess McAdam from Headspace who provided valuable advice on cultural advisory and wellbeing. 

The presentations were inspiring and uplifting, and it’s great to hear that everyone involved felt a sense of joy and accomplishment. The participants’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and overall, it was a proud moment for everyone involved. 

Steven Davis, Youth Transitions Project Manager at Bamara, was proud of the joy and accomplishment felt by everyone, particularly at Bamara, which is a testament to the success of the presentations from guest speakers and the contribution and engagement of all participants.

“It is a fantastic privilege to bring together some of the future leaders of Alice Springs with inspirational people and mentors. It was beautiful to be a part of providing this opportunity with our team and friends across the community.”

Steven Davis

The empowerment of young First Nations women is crucial, and we look forward to the evolution of more opportunities like this in the future.

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