Photo (from left to right)
Helen Jessup – Bamara Case Manager, Robert Blair, Rosemary Curtis, Carol Sparks, Marie Byrne, Paula Boney – Bamara Case Manager

What was the event for?

Youth Centre Open Day at Glen Innes – July 10, 2019

Tell us about the event

Glen Innes had a wonderful opportunity in town where the local Glen Innes Youth Centre was having their Open Day. Local Volunteers have been working hard to get it opened and even managed to arrange Justice Crew to come along and teach some dance moves to everyone.

The idea behind opening a Youth Centre in Glen Innes was created after a spate of suicides and self-harm incidents among young people in 2018.

We met with two local Elders (Marie Byrne and Rosemary Curtis). The local Mayor (Carol Sparks) and a Ceremonial man (Robert Blair).

What was the most memorable part of the day?

The most memorable part of the day was meeting the beautiful elders – Marie and Rosemary. We feel incredibly privileged to have met them and learn more about their influence amongst the community. They kindly spoke with us and discussed the incredible idea behind the Youth centre.

We spoke about Bamara and how important it is that we connect with the community to have a better understanding of the resources and supports we can provide our Participants.

We really enjoyed meeting the incredibly talented Robert Blair and listening to him playing his Didgeridoo and soaking in the cultural atmosphere.