Annabel has spent most of her professional career helping people realise their full potential and improve their lives with compassion and dedication.  

She also faced significant challenges in her life, which put her resilience to the test.  

Through her experiences, determination, and some local support, she found a way forward to continue to positively impact the lives of those around her.

Through the ParentsNext program, which Bamara delivers, Annabel secured employment and is now a full-time Support Mentor helping parents and carers kickstart their study and work goals from our Casuarina site in the Northern Territory.

Her job inspires and motivates her each day, which has significantly impacted the direction of her career path and the outlook for her family.  

“I enjoy helping people achieve their goals and discover their true potential,” Annabel said.  

“My greatest satisfaction comes from embracing challenges, helping others, and never accepting ‘can’t’ as an option.  

Before Annabel connected with our Bamara team in Palmerston in October 2021, she faced severe hardship, was unemployed and caring for her three young children while navigating support and care during the pandemic. Her youngest child was also experiencing severe health problems due to birth complications, which included seven months in hospital.  
Her focus was on overcoming the various obstacles at home and adjusting her children’s lives to their new circumstances, which included changes in schools and activities and exploring support options that were locally available as her family was living interstate.  
After Annabel’s initial meetings with Bamara Support Mentor Edith, Annabel was still pretty low on confidence. She had too much to focus on at home but still needed to earn some income to provide for her young family.

Bamara Support Mentor, Annabel (left) with Bamara Senior Support Mentor, Edith (right)

Her situation was also complex and required careful navigation. She had recently completed a Tertiary Enabling Program to kickstart a university degree. Annabel sought guidance, reassurance, and a spark to reignite her study and career goals.  

During their conversations, which alternated between face-to-face and phone chats, Edith was genuinely intrigued by Annabel’s extensive background in the employment and human services field, which spanned over 10 years. Edith was eager to use this experience well, help motivate Annabel, and spark a passion for acting.  

Edith suggested that Annabel would be an excellent fit for any local organisation, but she felt deep down that she would be an essential asset to Bamara.

“Edith was bang on, and the best thing for me – particularly through the Pandemic and always patient and adaptable,” said Annabel.  

“She was always listening, checking in, and just saying, ‘You can do it.’  

When a position opened for a Support Mentor to join the team in Bamara, Edith immediately recommended Annabel for the role. Annabel was subsequently interviewed and successful in November 2022. 

Bamara also assisted Annabel in obtaining the necessary funding to apply for her Working with Children Check, a mandatory requirement for the position. This was made possible through the ParentsNext Participation Fund.  

She enjoys working directly with clients and participants to do her part to improve their lives and help them discover and achieve their goals. She also keeps a pulse by utilising her strong community connections and local industry knowledge, benefiting her participants and her community.  

“I am forever grateful for Edith’s kindness and the support she provided when I was a participant through ParentsNext at Bamara,” said Annabel.  

“She gave me the confidence to return to the workforce.” 

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