Photo (left to right): Cadette with Bamara Support Mentor, Edith.

Caring for young children is a significant part of a mother’s journey. From caring for her two and three-year old children, to providing a safe environment for them to learn and grow up in, Cadette does it all.  

But she took it one step further when she decided to make a career out of it.  

Before connecting with Bamara through the ParentsNext program in 2020, Cadette was a passionate, hard-working, and committed young mother. With experience in laundry and cleaning, she began studying for a Certificate in Childcare. However, as a single mother, she made the difficult decision to put her studies on hold to work and care for her children.  

When Cadette was introduced to her Support Mentor Edith at the Palmerston office, continuing her childcare studies, and finding relevant work began to feel within reach again.   

“Every day I came in, Edith would make me happy and help me with resumes, courses, school, and advice,” said Cadette.  

Edith brought Cadette’s career goals into the spotlight by working on building her resume through the Resume Ready course provided by Bamara. Her family was also included through Bamara’s interactive Art and Yarn course, which supports engagement with other parents and aims to support social interaction.

Through this training, Cadette built her skillsets in communication and confidence. 

“She was happy to always be doing something to improve her English, and her skills,” said Edith, Bamara Support Mentor. 

“I did advise her to always look for work, and Cadette was that type of person that wherever she goes, she asks for a job.” 

It was this proactivity that led to Cadette’s career breakthrough. Cadette picked up her child from daycare and asked the centre if they were hiring. With support from Edith for interviewing, she secured work as a Childcare Assistant in the childcare centre, allowing her to work while looking after her children at the same time.  

Edith assisted Cadette’s transition into her role through work clothes and shoes and kept in contact to offer work advice when needed. Bamara connected Cadette with the Steps Program, where she obtained a National Police Check and Working with Children Check, which allowed her to commence her role in November 2021. 

Cadette is now confident in her abilities as a Childcare Assistant and has dreams of completing her Certificate III in Childcare. Edith is extremely happy for Cadette and her accomplishments, and excited to see what her future will hold through her achievements in work and as a mother.  

“My big goal is to finish my study and be able to hold my Certificate in my hands,” said Cadette. 

“The help from Edith has made it easier to work and study, and care for my family.”