Emilea’s love and passion for animals started with a simple dream and has now become a life-changing experience. 

Today, Emilea is pursuing a Certificate III in Animal Care Services, a step further on her path to working and caring for animals. Her journey has been transformative, and her success story is a shining example of what is possible when opportunity, support, and determination converge.  

When Emilea first connected with our team at Taree through the ParentsNext program in October 2020, she was anxious about her future. However, her goal was clear: to find a pathway to her dream job in animal care. With formal qualifications, the journey seemed manageable.  

With the help of Bamara Support Mentor Mervyn, Emilea found hope and direction. Mervyn understood the barriers Emilea was facing and guided her through the complexities of vocational training. His encouragement and support proved to be instrumental in Emilea securing a place in a Certificate II in Animal Care course, which she completed successfully. This was a significant milestone for Emilea and a testament to Mervyn’s guidance. 

Recognising that Emilea needed a laptop to support her studies, Bamara accessed the Participation Fund to provide her with one. This facilitated her learning and symbolised Bamara’s commitment to breaking down barriers and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has access to education and employment.  

Emilea’s journey is one of self-belief, resilience, and determination. Reflecting on Emilea’s journey, Mervyn also pins it down to her hard work, commitment, and a giant leap towards her dream job.  

“Emilea has grown in self-belief since starting with ParentsNext. I am proud of her accomplishments to date and feel that she will only achieve more in the future months to come,” said Mervyn. 

Emilea’s journey is not over, but she has already come a long way. Her story is a beacon of hope for others who might be standing where Emilea once stood, uncertain about the future. 

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