Kayla (left) with The Hub Preschool & Early Education Academy Director, Louise (right).

Caring for young children is such an essential part of being a mother. It gives a sense of purpose to provide a safe environment for kids to learn, develop and grow. This quality was close to Kayla’s heart, and with a bit of local support along the way, she adjusted her direction in life to make a career out of it.  

Before Kayla first connected with our Maitland team through the ParentsNext program in November 2022, she had been parenting and out of the workforce for five years. Previously Kayla had worked for over a decade in the hospitality industry, however, hadn’t gained any qualifications or work-related certificates along the way.  

From their first meeting, Kayla’s Bamara Support Mentor Lisa couldn’t help but notice Kayla’s dedication to raising her kids. Being a great mum was clearly a massive part of Kayla’s identity, and she was enthusiastic about taking steps to secure the best possible future for her family.  

By utilising her knowledge of the local labour market, Lisa suggested and encouraged Kayla to explore the opportunities available in early childhood education and care, which is strong in demand for skilled staff.  

They both agreed to put together a pathway plan focused on gaining the required career qualifications, with Lisa promoting the option of traineeships as a rewarding way to start earning money straight away while building confidence and gaining the tools of a valuable trade.  

Pursuing this career option appealed to Kayla, feeling she could manage the expected hours to balance earning a reasonable income and parenting duties at home.

Lisa also guided Kayla to whip her resume into shape and enhance her interview techniques to meet the expectations of local providers, which gave Kayla the final boost she needed to approach local employers. 

In July 2023, Kayla commenced a traineeship with The Hub Preschool & Early Education Academy in Rutherford. She is excited to be on track with her career aspirations, working full-time and completing her studies towards a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care qualification.  

The Hub Preschool & Early Education Academy provides early childhood with purpose and is a family-owned business offering quality childcare for children aged six weeks to five years, offering a dynamic and immersive environment for Kayla to grow into the role with mentoring by an experienced team of educators with ongoing professional development.  

Kayla is thriving in her new career, positively impacting the next generation through rewarding work and inspiring her children, who benefit from her positive approach to work and career development. Lisa. who also helped Kayla access the ParentsNext Participation Fund to cover the cost of clothes and shoes for work, says, “Kayla is an inspiration to us all.”

Lisa believes it was Kayla’s wealth of experience gained raising children, her motivation, and the enthusiasm to develop and gain new skills and knowledge required for the industry, which combined to make her the successful candidate for the job.  

“She has a strong work ethic and put it to use in taking those first steps to make the dream of her family’s future a reality by starting a new and rewarding career.” 

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