Having the right skills for your industry can be a challenging process, but once you build up confidence, it becomes easier to believe in your abilities. 

Kingstianna connected with Bamara through the ParentsNext program in October 2019. Initially, she was quite uncertain about her abilities but knew she wanted to study and find work. She wanted to secure her driver’s licence and build on any skills that would help her to support her future and family.  

She met her Bamara Support Mentor, Stacey, who saw this desire to make a change but also saw the disconnect in her motivation. She began working with Kingstianna to figure out what areas she would like to grow in and how to build her confidence to get there. 

One of the first steps was connecting Kingstianna with a playgroup to meet with other parents on a regular basis to feel more comfortable socially.  

“Kingstianna lacked motivation and confidence when she commenced working with me,” said Stacey.    

“Her main goals were to get her licence and build skills for employment”.  

Bamara enrolled Kingstianna in various courses to raise her skillsets for finding work. This included the Smart Phone course to improve her familiarity with technology and create practical skills to take into work. She was also enrolled into the Steps English class, external training that provides free English classes to build on written, verbal and listening skills.  

Kingstianna joined Karen Sheldon’s Future Stars Program, catering to Indigenous participants in the Northern Territory. The program covers self-care, time and money management, basic life skills, employability skills, and realising personal strengths. 

During this time, Kingstianna wanted to pursue her driver’s licence, so Bamara arranged for her to participate in the DriveSafe NT program. This program provides training to Northern Territory participants to achieve their driver’s licence through qualified instructors.  

By boosting her confidence through learning, Kingstianna began to show an interest in studying a course to find work, so Bamara assisted her in starting a Housekeeping Certificate. This training focused on room preparation, cleaning, stocking, essential customer service skills and more. She completed this course in February of this year.  

Since completing this course, Kingstianna’s training has opened the door to her gaining employment through a large hotel chain. In this role, Kingstianna works as a housekeeping attendant, assisting with many of the tasks her training taught her and picking up new skills every day.  

In finding the perfect role for her experience, and her progress toward a licence, Kingstianna has shown constant dedication to growing her work skills. In doing so, the rest of her life is starting to see the benefits.  

“I am extremely proud of her achievements and the change in her confidence and self-belief,” said Stacey.    

The team at Bamara have seen immense progress in Kingstianna’s career and wish her all the best in her new role. We fully support her continued growth in the hospitality industry and caring for her family.