Perseverance can lead to many rewards in kickstarting those long-held career goals and balancing the parenting duties of a young family. 

Simone achieved both with local support, mentoring, and a tailored strategy.

As a bubbly young mum of three kids, she unlocked her ability to excel in her studies and pursue a career that aligned with her enthusiasm, proactive approach, and bubbly personality. 

When Simone first connected with the team at Palmerston through the ParentsNext program in January 2022, she was a bubbly young woman eager to gain the skills and training necessary to enhance her chances of employment.  

Her goal was to find a way to balance her role as a parent with pursuing her career aspirations, and she saw the ParentsNext program as the perfect fit for her. 

When she teamed up with her Bamara Support Mentor, Edith, they developed a strategy to establish her needed skills and training. Together, they discussed Simone’s ambitions and worked to create a plan to keep her focused on finding the right balance between managing her young family and pursuing her studies. 

She helped provide valuable insights into the expectations of local employers, interview preparation techniques, and the kinds of available local job opportunities on offer. 

“Simone is independent and engaged well during our meetings and phone contacts. I have enjoyed our time together, and her outcome is well deserved,” Edith said. 

Throughout her journey with Bamara, Simone received a laptop to complete relevant skills training, financial support to the top on fuel to get to and from work, groceries for her family, and suitable work clothing and footwear, which is covered through the ParentsNext Participation Fund.   

In November 2023, Simone commenced an exciting new traineeship as a receptionist, where she is now working full-time, providing customer service support, greeting customers, and general office duties to support a growing team.  

Her role is rewarding, thriving in a team environment. Her journey with our team has also provided her with the support and resources she needs to take the next step in her career while still being able to provide for her family. 

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