Working towards a rewarding career means finding the right opportunities to gain experience. 

Combining a passion for her work, and dedication to pursue it is precisely how Megan worked towards her dream career, with support from Bamara.   

Before participating in the ParentsNext program, delivered by our team in Tuncurry, Megan spent her time volunteering in her local community. When she connected with her Bamara Support Mentor, Mervyn, he recognised a desire in Megan to seek out paid employment. They began to work together to define the field she wished to work in.    

Megan emerged from these interactions with a clear plan for achieving her goals. She decided to pursue study and employment as a Support Worker – tapping into her passion for helping people.  

“She wanted to gain paid work as a Support Person, healing others in the community,” said Mervyn.  

A career as a Support Worker would involve supporting her patients within a domestic environment, such as a home or private residence. This can include running errands, tending to health needs, and assisting with household tasks like cooking and cleaning. 

To ensure she was job-ready, Bamara assisted Megan in gaining her Green Slip and a Driving Record from Service NSW for work applications. These boosted Megan’s abilities for potential employers, showing an essential skill in the support roles Megan was trying to secure. This also opened Megan up to accept a wider range of opportunities.  

Soon after connecting with Bamara, Megan landed a job interview and successfully gained a traineeship within a Support Services organisation. Bamara assisted Megan with fuel to attend her orientation, and appropriate work shoes and clothing to commence the role. 

Having kickstarted her traineeship, Bamara also provided Megan with a laptop to help her with her studies for Support Services whilst continuing to work at the same time. Having been able to find a job that aligned with her calling, Megan is now thriving in her role and is looking forward to completing her studies. 

“Megan is more confident in herself now that she has started working,” said Mervyn.   

“She has realised that she can achieve anything when she sets her mind to it.”    

Megan has remained immensely dedicated to using her position as a Trainee Support Worker to create a positive impact in her local and wider community.     

“I am sure that now Megan realises she can achieve what she sets her mind to,” said Mervyn.   

“She will go from strength to strength both in her working life and herself.”    

Mervyn and the Bamara team have seen immense growth in Megan’s journey to becoming qualified and employed in Support Work, where she uses her skills to care for others. Bamara wishes all the best for Megan in her new career.