Photo (left to right): Rasta with Bamara Support Mentor, Idau

Figuring out what direction to take your future can be a challenging process. When you’re given the right tools to work with, you’re also given the best chance to succeed. 

This is exactly how Rasta’s journey with Bamara began.  

Before participating in the ParentsNext program, delivered by our team in Cairns, Rasta wasn’t sure of what she wanted to do for her future and hadn’t had any formal training since leaving high school. Her Bamara Support Mentor, Idau recognised this and set up a meeting to figure out where Rasta would like to be in the future once her children are in school.  

Rasta emerged from this meeting with a clearer way of thinking about her future and landed on a desire to pursue education and stable employment in Individual Support.  

“It was our conversation which led Rasta to put an action plan together of small goals she wanted to accomplish,” said Idau.  

Rasta’s goal-setting included enrolling and completing studies, securing employment, and providing for her family. She worked strategically with Idau to meet these goals and actively created plans to achieve each one.  

Throughout this time, Rasta also participated in several parenting courses through a local health service. She was supported in renewing her licence to continue running her family, study, and work life.  

Bamara assisted Rasta in obtaining her Certificate III in Individual Support, which she completed in only nine weeks. Her training has allowed her to gain employment through the company she held work placement with. In this role, Rasta works with people in need, helping with household tasks and caring responsibilities. 

“Rasta’s confidence went from low to sky high, and that showed with the initiatives she was taking,” said Idau. 

“With applying herself to courses, gaining employment and now having realistic goals, Rasta has achieved not only for herself but her family.” 

Rasta has remained immensely dedicated to creating a positive example for her children, showing that hard work makes dreams possible. She is currently saving up to purchase a family car and plans to take her children on short trips as a reward.  

Idau and the whole Bamara team have seen tremendous growth in Rasta’s journey. They could not be prouder of everything she had been able to achieve to reach her goal of working in Individual Support, where Rasta now uses her talents to support and care for others.  

“Having mentored Rasta throughout all her steps, I saw growth in her each time. Rasta is so proud of her accomplishments and is looking forward to ticking off her goals one step at a time,” said Idau. 

“It’s rewarding as a Support Mentor to know that you have played a part in watching a participant grow and achieve their goals.”