Finding a steady job while supporting a young child was only the first step for Sarah in kickstarting a career that has now become her calling.    

When Sarah first connected with our team in Cessnock through the ParentsNext program in October 2021, her primary goal was to secure sustainable employment.

As a young mum, Sarah’s journey through the Pandemic was turbulent, filled with uncertainty, stress, and an ongoing medical condition while struggling to make ends meet with the cost of living an added barrier. 

When she teamed up with her Bamara Support Mentor, Rebecca, they put together a pathway plan focused on rebuilding Sarah’s belief that there were local career opportunities for her. Together, they discussed Sarah’s goals and formed a strategy to work on achieving them. This helped Sarah to build the confidence and motivation she needed to take active steps toward her future.  

Rebecca was determined to inspire Sarah with confidence, sharing her keen sense of the local labour market across the Hunter region and jobs in demand, which inspired Sarah to express a desire to explore opportunities in the local mining industry.  

They got the ball rolling by tailoring Sarah’s resume into shape and enhancing interviewing techniques to meet the expectations of local employers, which gave Sarah the final boost she needed to secure interviews for jobs she was excited about pursuing.  

In August 2023, Sarah commenced her apprenticeship as a Plant Mechanic. Her role is rewarding and life-changing, repairing and maintaining heavy construction machinery while conducting regular inspections to maintain safety standards. 

With Sarah settling into an exciting new career pathway, Bamara covered her PPE workwear through the ParentsNext Participation Fund. Sarah thrives in a supportive workplace where she can further develop and hone her skills.  

Bamara Support Mentor, Emma continues to work with Sarah, lending a helping hand whenever Sarah needs it and crediting her success to her resilience through tough times.  

“We couldn’t be happier for Sarah and her family,” says Emma.

“Sarah has made incredible progress so far, and we’re excited to continue working with her as she flourishes in her new career.”

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