Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. On a journey of recovery, Jade’s commitment to nurturing and supporting herself led her to discover a new future. 

Jade’s initial connection with Bamara was through the ParentsNext program in August 2019, delivered in Cessnock. She had been taking a break from work to focus on her family and mental health. 

Jade had two big goals when she started working with the team, to start a course and meet new people. Her Support Mentor, Sophie, spent the time to really connect with Jade and find out more about these goals. Wanting to study within the beauty or hairdressing industry, Jade’s first step was to build her confidence by making some local connections. 

“She is a wonderful person and a great mum,” said Sophie.

“Each appointment feels more like a friendly catch-up, which we all enjoy.” 

Bamara enrolled Jade into Art and Yarn sessions, which help participants build their confidence by encouraging artistic expression and conversation with other parents. Throughout the lockdown periods in the area, this activity continued to run as an online session, meaning Jade and the other participants could continue to connect and break up some of the isolation that came with those times. 

“Jade thoroughly enjoyed Art and Yarn,” said Sophie.

“We would hold sessions, and all have a chat and catch up online.”  

Jade has been working with Sophie and the team to build up her skills and prepare for re-entering work. This included enrolling her into Bamara’s Resume Ready course to strengthen and update her resume. Jade is learning new techniques and ideas to help her experience stand out to employers when applying for work. 

“Jade enjoys seeing our trainer’s friendly face and chatting with the other participants online,” said Sophie.“

She’s even enrolled and completed a cosmetic tattooing course which is amazing.” 

Through socialising with Bamara staff and participants in the Art and Yarn sessions and thinking more about the career she wishes to pursue, Jade has found a new outlook for her future.  

Working with Sophie and Bamara has helped Jade discover a new passion. Seeing the difference her sessions have made in other areas of her life, Jade has expressed that her dream is to work for Bamara, supporting others in the same way she was supported.  

“I am so proud of how much Jade has come out of her shell socially,” said Sophie.

Bamara has supported Jade in improving her mental health and pursuing study and wishes her all the best as she kicks her career goals.