Finding the perfect balance between raising a young family and pursuing career goals can be a challenge, and Jessica is familiar with this firsthand. 

On top of this, she’s struggled with limited work experience and a lack of confidence in recent years, which makes putting together a standout resume even more daunting. 

When Jessica first connected with our team in Palmerston through the ParentsNext program in September 2019, her primary goal was to gain the necessary skills and training to enhance her chances of employment.

As a young mum with two young kids, Jessica had been out of the workforce for some time and had no formal qualifications or certificates for a future resume, but she was determined to persevere and achieve her work goals.

“I had to do this not only for the kids but also myself. Having focused on them for so many years, I had to get some me time and get back into it,” says Jessica.  

When she teamed up with her Bamara Support Mentor, Edith, they put together a pathway plan focused on developing the skills and training she needed. Together, they discussed Jessica’s goals and formed a strategy to work on achieving them to ensure that Jessica remained focused on finding the right balance between managing her young family and pursuing future studies.   

Throughout her journey with Bamara, Jessica has remained committed and always willing to put her hand up for any opportunities that Edith put before her.  

“Throughout my journey with Bamara, Edith has been fantastic,” says Jessica  

Edith assisted Jessica to enrol for a Certificate III in Business with a local training provider. She provided her with a laptop to complete her training, which was covered through the ParentsNext Participation Fund. Edith also helped Jessica fine-tune her resume to enhance her job search efforts.

“Edith has helped me with everything, always checking in when I needed it and seeing how I am doing with my kids.”  

Edith also provided Jessica with valuable insights into the expectations of local employers, interview preparation techniques, and looking through available local job opportunities that were on offer.  

“Jessica was always easygoing, willing to give things a go and supportive of any advice I gave her,” says Edith.  

In August 2023, Jessica commenced an exciting new administrative role with a local construction company. She is now working full-time, providing customer service support, greeting customers, and performing general office duties to support the growing team.

Her role is rewarding, thriving in a team environment, and she has made leaps and bounds for her future career goals.

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