Jordyn grew up and went to school in Kempsey. After having her little girl, Summer, she continued to work, juggling motherhood and her job until things changed and she became unhappy in her workplace. Jordyn left her position to concentrate on being a mum and hoped another job would arise in the future.

“After a year of being unemployed, I was referred to Bamara through Centerlink and I’ve loved it ever since,” said Jordyn.

Jordyn spoke of conversations she had had prior to her referral with other participants already active with through our services for the ParentsNext program, who said that they were loving it. They told her they were very happy being able to access extra help and guidance as young mothers. Jordyn said that the conversations made her eager and looked forward to becoming part of the program.

When asked what her first experience was like walking through the Bamara office door and meeting her Case Manager Rachel, she said, “I knew that face as soon as I walked in the door. Rachel was one of my teachers from high school so that helped a lot and it was a great meeting, I was happy.”

Jordan said, the activity that she has been enjoying the most is the social activity with other young mothers and talking about life and opportunities. One of the programs that Rachel connected Jordyn to is called ‘BABY BOUNCE’.

This is where groups of mothers with their babies get together on a regular basis at the library to share stories, read stories to the children, network, and connect back into the community. This program builds friendships and starts young children socialising as well as making friends and learning to play with others in a relaxed playgroup situation.

Jordyn also spoke of her love of the Bamara program called ‘Art and Yarn’. She has been enjoying this program where a local indigenous artist comes to teach art and craft to a group of mothers. The program is designed to create a relaxed, creative environment for mothers to build ideas together and share culture.

“Rachel is always there and I appreciate all the support,” said Jordan.

Moving forward Jordyn is focused on completing a qualification towards a career in payroll and bookkeeping. She feels this will be a great tool to have in her small community and is looking forward to starting this qualification.

When asked what the highlights of her Bamara experience were to date Jordyn said, “Just having the support with career direction, anything day to day at home. I also love meeting other young mums and being a part of something like this.”