Perseverance can take you a long way when it comes to reaching your goals. Nikita had already made incredible progress, but needed a helping hand from Bamara to get her across the line.  

Nikita connected with Bamara for the ParentsNext program in 2019, delivered in Nambucca Heads. As a young parent with career aspirations, Nikita was looking for a support on her journey into meaningful work.  

Nikita teamed up with Bamara Support Mentor Trudy, who got her started on looking for comfortable, long-term work. Nikita was already studying a Certificate IV in Mental Health, wanting to reach a career in the industry one day. Learning skills and knowledge to support the mental health journey of others, Nikita had a natural gift for empathising and caring for others.  

With recent experience working in butchers and bakeries, Nikita expressed a desire to change directions. Although she was regularly applying for work, opportunities were passing her by.  

“Nikita wasn’t feeling confident, but she kept applying anyway,” said Trudy.

Nikita spoke to Trudy about levelling up her resume. While she had the experience, she needed a reliable reference to win employers over. Trudy was more than happy to support Nikita in her job search and add to her resume. 

This gave Nikita the final boost she needed to secure interviews for jobs she was excited about.  

After only a week of regular applying, Nikita received the news that she had landed a job with a bank in the local area. Since mid-August, Nikita has been working part-time as a Member Relations Officer with a sustainable schedule that supports her parental and study responsibilities.  

“Nikita has ventured out of her comfort zone and into work,” said Trudy.

“She asked for help when needed, and in the end, she smashed it and got the job.”     

Nikita has settled into her new workplace and is learning more and more every day. With stable work to keep her going, the path has been cleared for Nikita to focus on other goals for her future.  

“I’m so incredibly proud of her effort and being brave enough to step outside the comfort zone,” said Trudy.

Bamara has supported Nikita through looking for work and building her confidence. The whole team is excited to see where Nikita’s new career takes her.