Some people just need a little helping hand to get back on track. Rebecca had been working as a Security Guard when she became a mother. Like so many young mothers, she had taken time off and was looking to get back into the profession she loved. Although eager and motivated, she needed a little help getting re-licenced as a Security Guard. 

Rebecca was referred to Bamara’s ParentsNext Program in August 2022 and was both surprised and encouraged by the amount of support available to her from our team in Palmerston.

Her Support Mentor Edith got her re-licencing process underway, and Bamara picked up the tab through the ParentsNext Participation Fund.  

In the meantime, Rebecca attended Bamara’s Skilling Up for Choices course which taught her how to use video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, connected her with other parents in the program and introduced her to Bamara’s online learning opportunities. 

“Rebecca was only with us for a short time, but she was a very pleasant person to have in the program,” said Edith. 

Rebecca commenced employment with a local security company in October 2022. From the outset, Rebecca was highly motivated to get back into work and told us she was very satisfied with our quick and helpful support. 

Rebecca had one last surprise when we told her that Bamara could reimburse her for the cost of her uniforms. But, as an indication of her independence and her determination to re-establish her self-sufficiency, Rebecca declined, saying she was happy to pay for these out of her own pocket. 

No matter how great or small your need, Bamara’s ParentsNext program is there to understand your situation and give you the right assistance to get back on track.