Being a mum teaches you many valuable skills, such as nurturing and compassion towards others. These qualities can also translate into a career that involves providing support for others. It can be a very fulfilling career path, as few things are as satisfying as making a positive impact on someone’s life. 

With some local support and a helping hand from our team, Shianne was able to find her true calling and pursue a career that aligned with these values, passions, and goals.  

When Shianne, a mum of five kids, first connected with our Cairns team through the ParentsNext program in March 2020, she had been out of the workforce for some time, down on confidence, with an immediate goal to find sustainable employment.  

After Shianne’s initial meetings with Bamara Support Mentor Betti, she learned more about the ParentsNext program and its benefits and reached out to Betti more frequently to understand every opportunity available to her. 

During their conversation, Shianne shared her interest in aged care with Betti. Being the supportive and helpful person she is, Betti encouraged Shianne to explore this field, pointing out that it could be both rewarding and in high demand for skilled local workers. Shianne was thrilled about the prospect and was enthusiastic about taking these steps to secure a fulfilling future for her family.  

They both agreed to put together a pathway plan, which would take full advantage of Betti’s local knowledge and community connections, focusing on helping Shianne gain suitable career qualifications, experience and training that would boost her chances of employment in the ageing and disability care sector. 

Betti guided and supported Shianne every step of the way, connecting her to a local training provider to enrol in a Certificate III in Individual Support. This course was a perfect opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge to kickstart a career aligned with her employment goals. She provided her with a laptop to complete her training and helped her apply and obtain her first aid training and her NDIS Worker Screening Clearance, all covered through the ParentsNext Participation Fund. 

Betti also guided Shianne during her work placements, offering a helping hand and having a yarn about how everything was all progressing, whenever she needed. 

In August 2022, Shianne started working as a Support Worker for a local service provider. She is excited to pursue her career aspirations, as well as obtain a nationally accredited qualification along the way. 

Shianne’s work hours are flexible, allowing her to provide support and assistance to people with household duties and personal care. She finds it fulfilling to be able to make a positive impact on the community, and her family is equally inspired and rewarded by her work. 

Betti believes that Shianne’s willingness to find confidence in herself, explore local opportunities, and maintain open communication was vital to her success. She is incredibly proud of Shianne’s achievements and is excited to see what the future holds for her.  

“Shianne has gained a lot of confidence from our time together at Bamara, which has helped her to thrive in pursuing her studies and reaching her employment goal,” says Betti.  

“I am immensely proud of her achievements.” 

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