With dreams of entering a new industry, Jessica had the end goal but needed the best steps to take, so Bamara stepped in to help her find the right focus for her energy.  

Jessica’s journey with Bamara started back in January 2021, when she became a participant in the ParentsNext program delivered in Toronto. When Jessica met the team, she had been out of the workforce for several years to take on caring responsibilities and look after her family. This meant putting her career goals on hold.  

Being introduced to her Support Mentor, Penny, marked the start of a new chapter in Jessica’s life. Through regular appointments, they took the time to discuss goals, look at career options and seek out opportunities.   

“Jessica has such a warm and friendly personality,” said Penny.

The big goal that came up was a desire to study and find work in Accounting and Bookkeeping. With Penny and the Toronto team supporting her, Jessica enrolled in this exact course and started on the path to becoming a qualified worker in her dream industry. In her studies, Jessica was learning all things budgeting, spreadsheets, accounting, systems and processes.  

Whilst in the middle of studies, an opportunity came up with a local multi-purpose centre looking for a casual Accountant Bookkeeper. Although initially looking for an experienced Accountant Bookkeeper, Penny saw an opportunity for Jessica to use her new knowledge. Through highlighting her skillset and attributes, Penny explained why Jessica would be the perfect fit for their establishment.  

“I told them about a lovely girl, a parent that could work casual hours and was booked into Tafe studying Accounting and Bookkeeping,” said Penny.

The employer agreed to meet Jessica, which went incredibly well, with Jessica feeling an instant connection to the business and their team. Landing a job as an Accounting and Bookkeeping Assistant in July, Jessica uses her passion as an opportunity to grow, gaining experience she can put to use in real-time.  

“I’m so proud of Jessica,” said Penny.

“She’s really fitting in with her new employer.”

While still learning on the job, Jessica has the full support of her employer and team. Currently working casually, she has taken a break from studies to focus on her new job and family responsibilities. Keeping balance is important in her busy life, which this job has given her the space to do.  

Looking to the future, Jessica still has goals to work towards. Her new workplace fully supports her going back to study should she choose to. Training under their head Accountant, Jessica will continue to build up her skills and hopefully take over accounting duties fully. 

“Jessica is very happy,” said Penny.

“She has taken on the opportunity to learn as much as she can and plan for her future.”

The possibilities are endless, but Jessica now has the space to explore the direction that feels right for her within a supportive environment.