As a young parent, Tekeyah was used to multitasking. 

When she first came to Bamara in July 2021 as a participant in the ParentsNext program, delivered by our team in Innisfail, Tekeyah was hoping to obtain a traffic control ticket and White Card, which would help to open doors to employment. 

By teaming up with her Bamara Support Mentor, Breanna, Tekeyah could source appropriate workwear while training for her qualifications, giving her a feeling of professionalism and allowing her to focus on the tasks at hand.  

While undertaking her training locally in Innisfail, Tekeyah managed both theory and practicality by participating in supervised work hours. As a result, she understood how to juggle separate tasks without dropping the ball, and these subtle changes also made an enormous difference to Tekeyah’s overall approach to work. 

She took to controlling and directing the traffic confidently, which made quite an impression.

After completing her training and gaining the qualifications she needed for traffic control, she landed a job in November 2022 with the same training provider.

It goes without saying that Breanna was also thrilled with the outcome. 

“As a Support Mentor, it makes me very proud to see how my efforts to help participants contribute to them gaining employment,” said Breanna.